Travel New Zealand

New Zealand is a tourist Mecca spread 1600 Kilometers across two main islands. Along with the winterless North the country also boasts snow capped mountainous regions in the south. Travelling the length of New Zealand will ensure you visit all of the Must see landscapes this country has to offer. With Student Trips we can ensure you have the experience of a life time whilst traveling through New Zealand even if you are planning your own trip. Simply click on the links to find our list of awesome weekend trips on offer and the trusted suppliers Student Trips uses for other transport.

Option 1 – Join Student Trips weekend trips at discounted prices.

With all the weekend trips that Student Trips has on offer you can be sure to see much of the country with out your studies being affected. With Student Trips offering a social aspect to life in New Zealand you can be sure you will leave here with many wonderful stories and life long friends from all over the world to share them with. Simply click on the link to find out more about the amazing weekend trips we have on offer. Read more about our weekend trips and promotions.             

Option 2 -Travel New Zealand by Bus.

Bus through the South Island of New Zealand and you can be sure you will get the experience of a life time. For students sticking to a budget can be hard but thanks to Student Trips special packages you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible. Culture, Adrenaline, Nature, Parties and Friends with Student Trips you will get it all. With a Bus Pass you have the option of getting a 9 day or 15 day adventure of a life time. Click here to find out which trip best suits you. 

Option 3 – Do it yourself.

Travel New Zealand by Car and have access to some of the most scenic destinations both the North and South islands has to offer. When you are on the road simply look out the window into paradise. With pick up and drop off points at most cities and airports throughout New Zealand renting a car is as simple as making a booking. Our trusted partners Jucy can ensure you have access to the best cars at the cheapest prices. The best thing is if you book via our website you will get an extra 10% discount. Check our Car rentals!

                                Just be sure to remember we drive on the left”.