Raglan Surfing Weekend Trip


Weekend surf trip to Raglan:

Day one: Another cracking day, it is safe to say that Student Trips knows how to turn the sun on for its weekend trips away. Signing everybody on to the bus we made for a hasty exit of Auckland much to the delight of everyone on the bus for our weekend surfing weekend trip to Raglan. Huntly was our first port of call and we shopped for lunches and most importantly the Party that was going to be in the Surf School barn house later that night. Arriving around lunch time we all went up to the Barn for our group surfing lesson. We were given a small introduction into the area and the local history before we learnt beach safety including rip currents and the lack of sharks attacks in the area. Who would have thought that apart from not swimming in between the flags the sun is the most dangerous thing at the beach. Watching the sun setting over the ocean was an incredible experience before heading back up to the Surf school that doubled as our accommodation for the night. Dinner was all prepared on our arrival home and was a lovely BBQ that was cooked and prepared by our awesome Tour guide, Haydon. He even managed to master an amazing salad and bread. From here we played a few drinking games and had a good time before we wonder back up to the surf school barn in which had been converted into a party barn complete with lights and Raglans very own resident DJ. The Barn Party in the bush meant that celebrations could continue until the early hours of the morning due to no noise restrictions. Perfect for a bunch of students drinking BYO drinks wanting to have a great time. Wondering down the path here you can also see Glow worms shining like their own private galaxies.

Raglan surf trip

Day two: Daylight saving kicked in this morning and ensured that everyone got an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Another brilliant booking technique by Student Trips. Breakfast was served and those that were up for a walk could join for the hour loop track walk that went through the bush up the hill behind the surf school. Our guide taught us about the native trees of the area and even pointed out some of the amazing bird life that can only be found in New Zealand. Climbing in some of the big fallen trees was fun and awesome photos could be taken at the top. Heading off we went to Raglan township and hang out there for an hour. A quaint little sea side surf village Raglan turned it on for us both for the weather and the many cafes on offer. Most of us got a cooked breakfast and coffee to top up since breakfast and the walk. Bridal Veil Falls was the next stop and was a short walk down to an amazing waterfall with a huge swimming hole at the bottom. A few of us went for a swim and it was absolutely freezing but a great way to make up after the big night. I think pair pressure was the only reason half of us got in. A quick walk back to the bus gave the swimmers a chance for a quick dry off and warm up before we shot over to Hamilton gardens to take in the beautiful sights and sounds that they had to offer. The gardens also offer many different themed gardens and it was almost like we were changing country every area we uncounted. A late lunch could be bought here but most people were topping up on coffee at this stage. Again a the best sign of a great weekend is the sleeping travellers when you look through the bus. There was not one eye open! Student trips job is complete! Chur Bro!

Raglan Surf Trip

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