Kauri Trees Weekend Trip

Bay of Islands Trip

On the 22nd of November we went to the Bay of Islands. On the first day we visited two waterfalls – Whangarei and Haruru. Also our fellow travel mates saw the famous local giant trees ‘Kauri’ and we were sure to give the trees lots of big hugs. Afterwards, we went to the historic place where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed and went to explore a mysterious glowworm cave. The first day of the trip was busy, but we were not ready to go to sleep early! We had to finish the day off with an amazing party in the local club which is attached to the hostel. We all dressed up in the nights costume theme “beach” – this is how we do it at Student Trips!

The next day after breakfast and a little bit of time to recover and take stock of the night before, we went on a fantastic boat cruise. Along the way, the skippers navigated the boat towards the most famous dolphin spots. We were all a little nervous that the Dolphins wouldn’t make an appearance but before long we spotted them in the distance playing and dancing in the water. They even came right up to our boats bow to say “Hello”. The cruise also took us through the ‘Hole in the Rock’, an island in the bay that has a hole “just” large enough to let a boat pass through. Finally we stopped at a lonely island and were given the chance to hop-off the boat and explore the island.

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