Hobbiton Day Adventure

hobbiton day adventure


We are going on an Adventure.

Student Trips on Saturday ventured down to the amazing film set of Hobbiton to catch a glimpse of the magic and beauty that the rolling hills and Hobbit holes had to offer. After a perilous journey from Orc-land we finally made it to Hobbiton and were transformed into a world of enchantment and delight. Walking into Hobbiton with our guide we were taught about the different film techniques used to bring Hobbiton to life. We saw the tiny Hobbit holes that ensured Gandalf looked big, and the bigger holes to fit and house the tiny hobbits. With washing on the line and wood cutting half complete you could tell the Hobbits were living their busy little lives.  As walked up the path to Bag end to visit Bilbo however we were unlucky to miss him as he was himself must have been on an adventure. We looked across to the distant ranges (Mordor) and could only imagine what kind of trouble he was getting himself into. It was funny that just a week earlier we were walking the dangerous path of Mount Doom (Tongariro crossing) ourselves. In our tour we were taught about the history of the farm, how the scouts found it and the masses of people that were based there to bring the movies to light. The tour was amazing and once complete we put on our Hobbit clothing and drank home brewed Hobbit beer beside the fire in the Green Dragon pub. It was a magical experience and one that I will not forget in a long time.  After Hobbiton our group made a spot at yet another magical destination that Middle Earth had to offer by way of a 30 meter waterfall to the South East of Auckland. The Hunua falls was a perfect spot to cool off after a hot day and a few went for a swim and jumped off some rocks. Getting back in time for Christmas in the Park was a great way to finish a great day.

Hobbiton group

Thanks for everyone that came and had a good time.

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