Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly asked questions about our New Zealand Trips. If you cannot find your question here, please feel free to contact us.

Student Trips is a young company, run by young people. Our ultimate goal is for you to have the best time possible as you explore New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. We achieve this by having an excellent local knowledge and an awareness of the perfect places to visit and the best activities to do. We also know that you and everyone else on the trip will be looking to make friends and share in experiences, so in every trip you will be accompanied by a large group of young people, who, like you, are also are looking to have a good time and party.

We believe the more the merrier! The number of people on the trip that range from between 20 to 50. Based on the destination, some trips are naturally bigger than others, for example Pinnacles Hike has less spots available than say, Raglan surf weekend. One thing is for certain: all of your fellow travellers are around your age, want to see as much as possible and love to meet new people.

The ages on our trips are mostly between 19 and 24. Some are younger, some are older – but never younger than 18 or older than 30.

While we can’t tell you who your leader will be prior to departure, we can tell you they will be awesome! The driver and our leaders are experts in all things “Kiwi” and will be sure to share all their knowledge with you. Any further questions at all are welcomed during your trip.

We’d love for you to join the whole trip. But we would understand it if you have to arrive later or you leave earlier due to external circumstances. Please contact us if this is the case so we can let you know if this is a possibility with the trip you are wishing to join and can help you plan accordingly.

Everything that is included will be stated on the detail page of the trip. Transportation, a driver, guide and (as is the case of a 1 night or more trip) accommodation is always included.  Please read carefully if the meals and the activities are included.

If the trip is one night or more we will stay in hostels and lodge hotels. Therefore it will vary depending on the trip. One thing we can assure you is the accommodation will always be quality and one we have carefully selected.

It is important that you let us know what your dietary requirements are prior of the trip. So please fill this in correctly at the time of your booking. We will try our utmost to accommodate all dietary requirements and in the unlikely event we are unable to meet them, we will let you know in advance. With the majority of trips and especially if meals are not included we will stop at a supermarket so you can select and buy your own food based on your requirements.

Optional activities are activities that take place in areas we are visiting but are not explicitly included in the package. For many of them, we are able to get you a large discount on the retail price. While they are not mandatory, we encourage those that have a bit of extra spending money (and oftentimes a lot of courage!) to take part in these. For Example: Zorbing in Rotorua and bungee jumping in Taupo. Any optional activities will be stated on the detail page of the Trip.

We ask that your payment please be made either through the website or paid in cash at our office. Please read our ‘Terms and Conditions’ concerning this.
These are the following options to pay:
1) Directly via our website through Paypal or Creditcard – (At no extra cost)
2) Bank account – transfer the money from your New Zealand bank account to our New Zealand bank account. Please be advised this must completed within 7 days of booking the trip or activity (plus $10 per transaction for admin costs).
3) Pay cash at our office. This must be done within 7 days after booking the trip or activity (plus $10 per transaction for admin costs).

All our prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include 15% Goods and Services Tax.

Student Trips always reserves the right to change fares, routes, accommodation, service and alternative transport.

We can’t guarantee you a refund after the booking for an activity you don’t wish to join.
It is not necessary to take part in any of the optional (not included) activities. These will be explicitly stated on the trip detail page and mentioned during the trip itself.

While we’d love to have you on our trip, cancellation is possible. When you decide not to attend an activity/trip more than 2 weeks before the date is scheduled you will be charged 25% of the total trip cost. If you decide not to attend within 2 weeks before the activity/trip is scheduled you will be charged 50% of the total trip cost. If you decide not to attend less than a week before the activity/trip is scheduled you will be charged 100% of the total trip cost.  Please note, the Australian and Fijian trips have different cancellation fee’s applicable (please refer to the ‘Terms and Conditions’).