Black Sand Beach Day Trip

Piha Beach

On the 14th of February, we made our way to the lovely Piha. Our first stop was at the visitors centre where we had a great view out across the small town and beach. There was a small museum inside where you could see typical artwork of New Zealand that had been created and inspired by this region. Following this, and with some knowledge about this area, we went the nearby waterfall. To get there we had to do a little hike. The waterfall was huge and the surrounding area was stunning. Some brave people went for a swim in the waterfalls cold water.
Our next stop was Piha beach, which some of us might know from the popular NZ television series – “Piha Rescue”. This black- sanded beach is also well known for the “Lion Rock”, a rock that looks like a lion. If you wanted, you could climb up this rock, to have a great view of Piha beach. Some people were lying on the beach; others hired a surfboard to surf on the massive waves. It was a really relaxing day and we had a lot of fun!

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Dolphin Swimming


This weekend was the Bay of Islands weekend trip. It was amazing! This trip is one of the best ways to meet knew people while also seeing the highlights of New Zealand. On the first day, we saw the New Zealand native Kauri tree. Those trees are massive! We went to the Whangarei falls afterwards. The view was amazing and some people went for a little swim! The best part of this day was undoubtedly the Glowworm Caves. No matter how often you go, it is special every time. It is one of New Zealand’s best secrets! Even though it is a pity that you were not allowed to take photos, it makes the moment even more special. We were going through the cave with the whole group and just a few lights. After a little walk through already a beautiful cave, we arrived at the glowworms. The lights went out, and when you looked up, you saw all the green glowworms. Two guides were with us and they told us everything about those worms. How old they will be, why they are green and some other fun little fact about those special animals. We ended the day with a delicious BBQ and a party!

The next day, after a bus trip through beautiful nature and landscape, we arrived at cape Reigna. Cape Reigna is the northernmost point of New Zealand. The view was amazing! It was so great to see how two oceans collide. Afterwards, we did some sand boarding. You go to a place that looks like a desert. No matter where you look, there is sand everywhere. You have to climb up a big hill and glide down the hill. It was going so fast, it was so nice!
We ended the day with another good party.


The next day we went on a dolphin cruise. There were so many dolphins. They swum next to the boat and one dolphin even jumped in the air! It was so amazing to see. One boat actually saw a whale. You don’t see that very often. Not only you have the opportunity to see dolphins, you will also visit another island and the hole in the rock. During the entire boat ride you have a stunning view. The weather was amazing and the Islands looked great. It was a pity that we couldn’t swim with the dolphins this time, because the dolphin had babies with them….But it was still a mint day!

This weekend was the best; we had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends.

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