Cape Reinga Trip

Cape Reinga Trip

Student Trips is at it again and this time on this Cape Reinga Trip the Bay of Islands is the destination. A large bay the Bay of Islands boasts 144 islands with wildlife and scenery to be amazed by.

Leaving on Sunday morning the sold out bus ventured north. A pick up in Albany allowed us to pick up some others before we headed towards our first stop, the infamous Kauri Tree. A short walk through native New Zealand bush allowed for some photo opportunities before heading up to Whangarei or (cherished harbour) for lunch. On the way we played a bus game where we all had to move around and meet others when the music stopped. We then had a swimming race in an amazing waterhole at the bottom of a huge waterfall, the prize for the winner Jimmy was a large block of L & P chocolate.

From here we arrived at our destination in the Bay of Islands ready for swimming, dinner and of course the huge party celebrations of Waitangi Day which is close by. A good night out allowed the Student Trips Squad to meet everyone properly and also meet the locals.

The Bay of Islands is the perfect stepping stone for a day trip to the winterless north. We ventured out nice and early visiting Maunganui Harbour and New Zealands best Fish and Chip shop. Now fully recharged from the night before we got to 90 mile beach for a impromptu soccer game and a sun bath. The day was gorgeous. Sand boarding was the next stop and we all hired boards to surf down the sand face. Scaling the 30-40 meter high sand dune was definitely taxing on the body however didn’t stop us from all having a great time. There were a few huge crashes and exciting races but everyone kept a smile on there faces.

Cape Reinga is the northern most tip of New Zealand, It is the closest many of us would get to home throughout our time in New Zealand. Once again we aced the weather with not a cloud in the sky. Many photos and memories were made at this gorgeous location but unfortunately it was time to leave. Ice creams and one last beach was visited before getting back to the Bay of Islands for dinner and yet another night of partying, this time for Chicos birthday.

Dolphins!!!!! Everyone woke bright and early for the Dolphin cruise a few of us worse off than others. We cruised out to Percy Island (The Hole in the Rock) an amazing example of beautiful nature. With a big swell a few sick bags were needed and every one was excited to get back on to dry land for our island stop over. Unfortunately we were unable to see Dolphins on this trip however all had a great time and got vouchers to return.

Russel for lunch was good and most of us had Fish and Chips on the beach. A walk to Long beach was also a great way of working up an appetite for a swim. From here it was unfortunately time to head home.


Student Trips, once again thanks for an amazing trip!


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