Cape Reinga Trip

Cape Reinga Trip

Student Trips is at it again and this time on this Cape Reinga Trip the Bay of Islands is the destination. A large bay the Bay of Islands boasts 144 islands with wildlife and scenery to be amazed by.

Leaving on Sunday morning the sold out bus ventured north. A pick up in Albany allowed us to pick up some others before we headed towards our first stop, the infamous Kauri Tree. A short walk through native New Zealand bush allowed for some photo opportunities before heading up to Whangarei or (cherished harbour) for lunch. On the way we played a bus game where we all had to move around and meet others when the music stopped. We then had a swimming race in an amazing waterhole at the bottom of a huge waterfall, the prize for the winner Jimmy was a large block of L & P chocolate.

From here we arrived at our destination in the Bay of Islands ready for swimming, dinner and of course the huge party celebrations of Waitangi Day which is close by. A good night out allowed the Student Trips Squad to meet everyone properly and also meet the locals.

The Bay of Islands is the perfect stepping stone for a day trip to the winterless north. We ventured out nice and early visiting Maunganui Harbour and New Zealands best Fish and Chip shop. Now fully recharged from the night before we got to 90 mile beach for a impromptu soccer game and a sun bath. The day was gorgeous. Sand boarding was the next stop and we all hired boards to surf down the sand face. Scaling the 30-40 meter high sand dune was definitely taxing on the body however didn’t stop us from all having a great time. There were a few huge crashes and exciting races but everyone kept a smile on there faces.

Cape Reinga is the northern most tip of New Zealand, It is the closest many of us would get to home throughout our time in New Zealand. Once again we aced the weather with not a cloud in the sky. Many photos and memories were made at this gorgeous location but unfortunately it was time to leave. Ice creams and one last beach was visited before getting back to the Bay of Islands for dinner and yet another night of partying, this time for Chicos birthday.

Dolphins!!!!! Everyone woke bright and early for the Dolphin cruise a few of us worse off than others. We cruised out to Percy Island (The Hole in the Rock) an amazing example of beautiful nature. With a big swell a few sick bags were needed and every one was excited to get back on to dry land for our island stop over. Unfortunately we were unable to see Dolphins on this trip however all had a great time and got vouchers to return.

Russel for lunch was good and most of us had Fish and Chips on the beach. A walk to Long beach was also a great way of working up an appetite for a swim. From here it was unfortunately time to head home.


Student Trips, once again thanks for an amazing trip!


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Piha Day Trip

Piha day trip 30th jan


Piha day trip came and went, but what a day it was.  Meeting at Fort street we all introduced ourselves and headed out towards the West Coast beaches of Auckland. A quick stop at Arataki visitors centre gave us the chance to learn about the Waitakere ranges and all its wildlife including the Kauri tree. An amazing view over both the Manakau and Waitamata harbours was breath taking. From here we wound our way to Piha and the Kitekite falls. The walk up to these falls was beautiful. Birds chirping and not a cloud in the sky. We worked up a sweat and all decided to go swimming in the waterhole at the bottom of this amazing waterfall.

Once everyone had enough it was time for the main event, Piha beach. Piha is a notoriously dangerous surf beach and we all had a safety first speech before getting out to experience it for ourselves. Lucky it was a calm day however the currents were still strong.  After lots of swimming, surfing, fun and sun we all had lunch on the Black sand beach.

A walk up to the aptly named Lion Rock was a must do and allowed us to get some awesome as photos from the top.

Then of course it was time to head back to Auckland for a drink!!!


Studenttrips, once again thanks for an amazing trip!



Thanks for everyone that came and had a good time.

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Sunset Kayak Tour

Kayak tour

Instead of a trip that takes the entire weekend, it was time for the Sunset Kayak Tour. We had to be at the Auckland Ferry building at 5pm where the driver picked us up. The driver brought us to Saint Heliers. From Saint Heliers we were going to kayak to Browns Island. That’s something like 4 kilometres, which is great because the weather conditions were absolutely good.

sunset kayaksunset kayaksunset kayak

After setting everything up at Saint Heliers it was time to go to Browns Island. We arrived at Browns Island in approximately 45 minutes. I’m not completely sure, because time was flying. When we arrived at Browns Island we were getting some drinks first. After that we went out to the highest point on Browns Island. From this point we were able to see everything on Browns Island. We could also see Rangitoto and of course Auckland as the city itself. After about an hour we saw the sunset. To see the sun going down behind the city of Auckland is so amazing. Seeing things such as the Sky Tower from a distance, when the sun is going down is unbelievable beautiful.


After the sunset we went back to the beach. Our kayaking tour guide fired up his mobile barbeque to serve us some food. After the barbeque it was slowly time to go back. At that moment it was almost completely dark outside and that was together with watching the sunset the best part of this trip. We were kayaking in the dark under the starry sky. When we looked in front of us, we could see Auckland’s city centre.


Studenttrips, once again thanks for an amazing trip!



Thanks for everyone that came and had a good time.

Blog and pictures courtesy of Timo Koen!

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Hobbiton Day Adventure

hobbiton day adventure


We are going on an Adventure.

Student Trips on Saturday ventured down to the amazing film set of Hobbiton to catch a glimpse of the magic and beauty that the rolling hills and Hobbit holes had to offer. After a perilous journey from Orc-land we finally made it to Hobbiton and were transformed into a world of enchantment and delight. Walking into Hobbiton with our guide we were taught about the different film techniques used to bring Hobbiton to life. We saw the tiny Hobbit holes that ensured Gandalf looked big, and the bigger holes to fit and house the tiny hobbits. With washing on the line and wood cutting half complete you could tell the Hobbits were living their busy little lives.  As walked up the path to Bag end to visit Bilbo however we were unlucky to miss him as he was himself must have been on an adventure. We looked across to the distant ranges (Mordor) and could only imagine what kind of trouble he was getting himself into. It was funny that just a week earlier we were walking the dangerous path of Mount Doom (Tongariro crossing) ourselves. In our tour we were taught about the history of the farm, how the scouts found it and the masses of people that were based there to bring the movies to light. The tour was amazing and once complete we put on our Hobbit clothing and drank home brewed Hobbit beer beside the fire in the Green Dragon pub. It was a magical experience and one that I will not forget in a long time.  After Hobbiton our group made a spot at yet another magical destination that Middle Earth had to offer by way of a 30 meter waterfall to the South East of Auckland. The Hunua falls was a perfect spot to cool off after a hot day and a few went for a swim and jumped off some rocks. Getting back in time for Christmas in the Park was a great way to finish a great day.

Hobbiton group

Thanks for everyone that came and had a good time.

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Tongariro Weekend Trip

Tongariro crossing

Tongariro Weekend Trip –

Well what a weekend. I am sitting here on Monday morning absolutely reveling at the weekend that was. Fun and excitement was paired with triumphs and tribulations and the ultimate goal, the Tongariro crossing was completed by everyone in our group.

Yes it was Student Trips weekend down to the Tongariro crossing and we all had an absolutely amazing experience. Meeting at town on Friday at 6:30 we quickly introduced ourselves to the crew that were going to be joining us for the weekend and we were away. With people from all over the world it is always safe to say you will meet some amazing people and amazing cultures, and this trip was no different. From Dutchies to Germans, Hungarians, English and Kiwis there were people joining from all corners of the world. With a quick stop at Huntly for food and of course alcohol we then continued the sing along soundtrack down to National Park (thanks for the song choices Daniel and Ronald).

Tongariro crossing

Walking up early on the Saturday we were all prepared for the 19.4 kilometre walk over Mordor and Mount Doom. With a low cloud and a little wind unfortunately we were unable to see Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom) but that just added to the mystic of our walking into a completely unknown landscape. Starting at the Mangatepopo car park we walked up an old glacial valley towards Devils staircase and Soda springs. The initial walk was relatively flat and an nice easy way of warming up from the chilly start to the morning. From here we stopped as a group before climbing the Devils staircase. With a hard climb up a steep section of track, we all made it up in good time. The group i was walking with decided to stop for some food tucked in behind a rock sheltered from the wind and it was a pleasant place to rest. We took a lot of photos before deciding we got a bit cold and needed to carry on. With another steep section of track we made it to the highest point of the Tongariro crossing the Red crater at 1886 meters high. I would like to say this was halfway but i would be wrong. The scree slope was to come and lead down towards the Emerald lakes. These are amazing lakes with beautiful colours in all lights. The outlook beyond the lakes could well be moon landscape and the rock and grey colours is leads to a strong contrast. Downhill the rest of the way we passed the the Ketetahi hut and saw the effects that nature can have on manmade structures. A rock had crashed through the roof destroying a couple of rooms of the hut, also a huge crater had been formed right outside.

Making it to the end of the track was a great triumph, thinking we were the last to finish we were surprised when others arrived after us having completed the summit of Tongariro. With a lot of sore bodies we bussed back to the hotel a warm soak to relieve the muscles was just what we needed and we all jumped into the spa pools. Dinner and Drinks rounded off the night. The Bi annual Student Trips sandbagger competition was set up in the Bar and was won by none other than Ronald A. Congratulations.

Eggs for brekkie and a quick trip over to Taupo said (Toe Paw) saw the 4 jumpers (Anna, Anita, Ruben and Haydon) stress out and in some cases lose the plot before there jump. A large scream by Anna got the Doves circling and amazing footage of Rubens jump can be found on Instagram. The next stop the natural hot pools down by the river were yet another great way to relieve our muscles from the day before and some of us even had the courage to swim out into the freezing cold waters of the Waikato river. The Huka falls or (Foam Falls) was the next stop. An amazing waterfall funnelling 200,000 litres a second got its name because of all the air that mixes with water causing amazing colours and a foam effect. Driving back to Auckland is always upsetting but there is always the next weekend to look forward too!



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Coromandel Weekend Trip


Coromandel Weekend Trip –

So it is yet another Student Trip adventure and this time the squad are heading to one of the most stunning places in New Zealand. the Coromandel. The Coromandel is a stretch of coast line up the east coast of the country a couple of hours to the south east of Auckland. It is synonymous with white sandy beaches, beautiful bushwalks, waterfalls, holiday homes and surf. With that in mind we are all packed up and ready to head off on this adventure. With the weather not looking the best we are all hoping we are going to eventually see Blue. Driving straight to Thames we picked up lunch and shot straight across to Cathedral Cove, one of the treasures of the Coromandel. To reach Cathedral Cove was a 30 minute walk down to the beach and was worth every minute of it. Down the last few steps took us to an absolutely gorgeous completely secluded beach. With clouds and spits of rain this did not dampen our spirits. We explored all the beach had to offer including the amazing Cathedral arch connecting through to another beach and the small waterfall to the south end of the beach. A few of the squad went swimming and the majority ate there lunch. Like always an impromptu soccer game sparked up and the competition was fierce. Leaving a little earlier from Cathedral Cove we stopped off at Hot Water Beach and walked out to see what the hype was all about. With the tide in it was not ideal however we all walked out and felt the hot jets of water coming out of the ground. We all had a lot of fun here. Heading to the accommodation for the night we all got together and helped to prepare a fabulous BBQ dinner and amazing salad. With the great team work of everyone pulling together we were able to eat earlier and get down to the Bar where an amazing local band was playing. Lasting until the early hours of the morning it was time to head home. The walk however was nothing like i have ever experienced! A huge thunderstorm rolled through and lightening was striking about 3 or 4 times a minutes!


Day two: Walking up nice and early to sun was a welcomed surprise. Breakfast was prepared and the first group were off on their Kayaking adventure. As they left the rest of us packed the rest of our things and had a relaxed morning of walking through the small town of Whitianga, we visited a few of the small gift stores in the area and with Christmas arriving a few of us bought gifts. Coffees and food were bought at the local cafes we explored the harbour. Leaving for Hahei we went to catch up with the first group of Kayakers. We both arrived on the beach at the same time and it was awesome hearing the stories of their encounters with sea life. It was our turn and by this stage the sun was bearing down on the beach with not a cloud in the sky. We were the bigger group with 23 kayakers and 3 guides. We had our safety meeting, put on all the gear required and we were away. We kayaked into a marine reserve where it is illegal to fish and saw an abundance of sea wildlife. There was even a whole beach named Stingray bay where the rays played and sunbathed in the shallows of the beach. We all learnt how to raft up, where each kayak holds onto its neighbour and is how instruction and stories of history and culture can be shouted our way. Around another headland and we were back at Cathedral cove, this time for Coffee and sunlight. Staying here for about 30 minutes this time the destination was paradise. We kayaked inside cave and it was said to be the start of a new Cathedral archway formation. Once back on solid land after a few races back to Hahei beach we hung out in the sun and worked on our Kiwi tans. As a group we walked down to an awesome swing (in which apparently your never to old to have fun in) before heading back to reality and Auckland life.

Cheers Student Trips Squad!

Coromandel Coromandel

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Goldmines and Beaches Weekend Trip

Beaches and Goldmines

Goldmines and Beaches.

Day one: Writing these blogs has been a great way of remembering each amazing trip that the Student Trips Squad has experienced as a group. With the majority now having joined most of the trips everyone are now treated as friend and equals and i know that friendships and relationships will last for many years to come. Private jokes are common and people are settling into the grove of Student Trips. Number 12 especially;-) Bring on the weekend of Beach and Goldmines!

Theme song of the Trip: Brooklyn Baby.

Yet another perfect day the bus left the hassle and bustle of the city and ventured south. Paeroa was the first stop and gave the squad the chance to buy a coffee or the infamous L&P drink that is world famous in New Zealand. L&P for those not in the know stand for Lemon and Paeroa and was created by fusing Lemon and the spring water from Paeroa thus putting this town on the map. A quick drive up to the gorge saw us experience firsthand what an old New Zealand goldmine would have be like to work in. We explored the tunnels and swing bridges that connected all the mines together and learnt about some of the history surrounding methods used for gold extraction. Turns out Cyanide was used! From here we drove to the Mount in the Bay of Plenty region. An amazing holiday destination for Kiwis for years this area boosts amazing white sandy beaches, perfect coastlines, sweet as surf and an impressive 232 meter mountain. We all put our togs and headed to the beach for beach cricket, sunbathing and the hour long round trip hike to the top to enjoy the amazing view. At the top was an amazing show by the way of dare devils with one foot in the grave pulling off amazing tricks with parasail’s. These crazy Kiwis would take off and hug the side of the mountain before turning around and landing on the seat right where they started. Looking north over Matakana island you could make out the Coromandel Peninsular and to the south the rest of the Bay of Plenty with White Island off the coast puffing smoke as it does. The view was incredible but there were allot of tried people at the top. We made our way down an amazing track on the north side of the mountain and high tailed it straight to the beach. Most of us enjoyed the waves and throwing the ball around in the water and it was a great way to cool off. Pizza was then delivered to the beach and all of a sudden 53 people were all eating their very own pizza in paradise. It was only fitting that the majority had Hawaiian. As the sun hid behind the mountain we slowly had to move down the beach to regain the warmth it had to offer. When it disappeared altogether it was time to check into our accommodation. In the heart of Tauranga we  were situated right on the harbours edge with an amazing view over the water. Here we played cards and drinking games and had a great time were Vikram taught us all a new song. “Here’s to brother Chicko…”  was sung at the top of our lungs until whoever was being sung to had to give in to the pair pressure. We were even welcomed to Tauranga by a huge Fireworks display that carried on for ages. It was an impressive way to gear ourselves up for an action packed night down some of the bars in town. Party Time.

Small group up the MountBeaches and Goldmines

Day two: With the sun shining through my window first thing in the morning i new it was going to be another amazing day with Student Trips. Breakfast and a latish start ensured those that wanted to could explore the stretches of town including the promenade across the road and the jetty heading into the harbour where some even took a dip the night before. Back up to Waihi another amazing holiday destination saw beach, sun and surf the best hangover cure for those that partied a little to hard the night before. We even got some Dutchies playing a spot of cricket in which they were actually pretty good. Everyone loved this beach so much there was ‘sting’ in the air when we all had to leave. From here we visit a working gold mine and were absolutely amazed by the share size of the hole in the ground. This style of mining known as Opencast mining is the most common type of mining however also hardest on the environment. Photo opportunities and the chance to throw anyone annoying you on the bus was a possibility here. At least we are all friends! Another visit to the gorge mines saw a coffee and food break at the railway cafe before a hike down the old service train track walkway. This hour long walk took us past some relics of the mining world and encouraged grown men to forever reason make daisy chains (you know who I’m talking about brother Daniel and Chico). Nearing a huge 1100m former rail tunnel we all stopped and waited to find out if you were going to venture in or make the safer journey around the other way.  In finding we had to walk through in order to get back to the bus, a lot of excitement arose in the group. All sorts of chanting was heard whilst walking through this tunnel and made for an awesome atmosphere. Sunbathing and a swim was on the cards after that walk and we watched the locals cliff jump into the murky river waters below. After a couple of hours we decided it was time to get back to realty and made our way back to the drop off points in Auckland. Cheers guys for yet another amazing trip!

Boys and Traintracks

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Bay of Islands Weekend Trip

Bay of Islands Weekend Trip.


Day one: Rain has finally hit a Student Trips weekend tour. Shows that even the best tours can be hampered by weather. With spirits low the team were sure to impress with driver Garit and tour leader Haydon ensuring everyone were going to have a great time. Rain fell through the first stop at the Kauri park where we saw one of the biggest trees i have seen in my life. Stopping here was a good chance for a photo opportunity, a impromptu game of soccer in the car park and a short walk into a native NZ forest for those that wanted to join. Rain fell as we ventured over the Brenderwyn ranges and up towards Whangarei. Meaning cherished harbour we made a stop in the Whangarei township down by the town basin where we had the opportunity to explore the boats, and buy some lunch. Rain was still falling hard. Walking to the nearby waterfall was nice but again wet. One of the Student Trips squad even got in for a swim. The waterfall was beautiful and you could tell on a nice day it would be a magical location. This can be backed up by the fact that there was a wedding close by up on the grass. A very unfortunate day for it. Back in the bus we pushed on spirits were raised with some uprising music and the chance to dry off and warm up. With commentary of interesting history and cultural aspects of the area along with an awesome sound track we made it to the Bay of Island. The first point we came to on the road opened up and you could see the whole Bay. With ominous conditions, clouds lingered on the island tops and there was a lack of wind that suggested a stillness around this tranquil location, it was a magical sight. Driving down to the left of the bay towards Paihia i could tell that excitement levels were increasing in the nearing of our destination. Having arrived we had the night off to explore and take the sights and sounds in of the Bay and advantage of the free hot tub. Naturally this meant most of us hit the Bar for our free drink and BBQ however for those adventurous enough we also walked into town and experienced Kiwi culture at its best with a food and wine festival and concert of the Black Seeds a kiwi band playing in town. The party continued and it was apparent that people had fallen in love with the destination.

Bay of IslandsStudenttrips boy band

Day two: To follow on with the cultural aspect of the night the All Blacks semi final was also playing at 4am so it was an early start for many. A nail biting game saw the All Blacks come out on top. With a win under our belt and the sun now shining you could tell that it was going to be a great day! Breakfast and on the bus we were off on an adventure to the northern most point of New Zealand. Mangonui harbour was the first break where we could enjoy a coffee and wake up properly from our big night. Some enjoyed the Fish and Chips from arguably one of the best in the country. And we walked down the wharf and had a chat to locals about fishing. One guy was live baiting for his catch of the day a big John Dory and learnt about the amount of fish that are supplied to the NZ market through this port.  Next stop, the top stop was Cape Reinga and was were a lot of us were the closest to home without leaving the NZ mainland. A sign told us all how far away some major Cities were and reminded us that we were truly at the bottom of the South Pacific.  The lighthouse is still in operation and ensures ships do not pass through the perilous rocks and treacherous sea of where the two oceans collide. With a group photo and many other photos to boot it was time to leave. In Maori culture this site is said to be were all the Spirits pass through in reaching their mythical homeland Hawaikiki and is a very scared area. No eating and drinking is deemed appropriate here, so we took our lunch to a nearby beach (my personal favourite in the country) and we again played soccer, sunbathed and swam. With the day getting late it was time to leave back to Paihia for another BBQ free drink in the Bar and a soak in the hot tub. An extra intern also graced us with his presence and it was awesome to catch up with him. Anticipation was building or tomorrows activities.

Birds and Bay

Day three: Dolphins was the word of the day and everybody woke up excited and ready for an awesome day with an organised breakfast, sun shining and a quick walk down to the Wharf we all jumped on the our correct boats. It was the tour of a life time, even if we didn’t know it yet. Unfortunately the driver told us early in the day that the chance of seeing dolphins was slim so we had a tour of the Bay. We saw the ‘Black rocks’ and learnt about the formation of the area before heading out to the Hole in the Rock, a huge hole in which huge commercial boats can drive through. With the captain talking again this time we heard great news in that there was a pod of Orca whale in the Bay and we were going to be able to see them. In my opinion an Orca is worth 10 dolphins and watching this huge majestic creature was magical. With the pod playing around and putting on a show for the boat this was highlight of the trip in my opinion. We also saw a mirrored of other sea life all of which were amazing.  To finish the amazing weekend off after the cruise we went to see another waterfall for a quick photo opportunity before venturing home for dinner and a well deserved rest, it was New Zealand Labour day after all. The Bay of Islands weekend tour is easily the best trip Student Trips has to offer in my opinion. It’s safe to say we had heaps of fun and Yea, Nah – I’m Knackered!

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Raglan Surfing Weekend Trip


Weekend surf trip to Raglan:

Day one: Another cracking day, it is safe to say that Student Trips knows how to turn the sun on for its weekend trips away. Signing everybody on to the bus we made for a hasty exit of Auckland much to the delight of everyone on the bus for our weekend surfing weekend trip to Raglan. Huntly was our first port of call and we shopped for lunches and most importantly the Party that was going to be in the Surf School barn house later that night. Arriving around lunch time we all went up to the Barn for our group surfing lesson. We were given a small introduction into the area and the local history before we learnt beach safety including rip currents and the lack of sharks attacks in the area. Who would have thought that apart from not swimming in between the flags the sun is the most dangerous thing at the beach. Watching the sun setting over the ocean was an incredible experience before heading back up to the Surf school that doubled as our accommodation for the night. Dinner was all prepared on our arrival home and was a lovely BBQ that was cooked and prepared by our awesome Tour guide, Haydon. He even managed to master an amazing salad and bread. From here we played a few drinking games and had a good time before we wonder back up to the surf school barn in which had been converted into a party barn complete with lights and Raglans very own resident DJ. The Barn Party in the bush meant that celebrations could continue until the early hours of the morning due to no noise restrictions. Perfect for a bunch of students drinking BYO drinks wanting to have a great time. Wondering down the path here you can also see Glow worms shining like their own private galaxies.

Raglan surf trip

Day two: Daylight saving kicked in this morning and ensured that everyone got an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Another brilliant booking technique by Student Trips. Breakfast was served and those that were up for a walk could join for the hour loop track walk that went through the bush up the hill behind the surf school. Our guide taught us about the native trees of the area and even pointed out some of the amazing bird life that can only be found in New Zealand. Climbing in some of the big fallen trees was fun and awesome photos could be taken at the top. Heading off we went to Raglan township and hang out there for an hour. A quaint little sea side surf village Raglan turned it on for us both for the weather and the many cafes on offer. Most of us got a cooked breakfast and coffee to top up since breakfast and the walk. Bridal Veil Falls was the next stop and was a short walk down to an amazing waterfall with a huge swimming hole at the bottom. A few of us went for a swim and it was absolutely freezing but a great way to make up after the big night. I think pair pressure was the only reason half of us got in. A quick walk back to the bus gave the swimmers a chance for a quick dry off and warm up before we shot over to Hamilton gardens to take in the beautiful sights and sounds that they had to offer. The gardens also offer many different themed gardens and it was almost like we were changing country every area we uncounted. A late lunch could be bought here but most people were topping up on coffee at this stage. Again a the best sign of a great weekend is the sleeping travellers when you look through the bus. There was not one eye open! Student trips job is complete! Chur Bro!

Raglan Surf Trip

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Rotorua Rafting Weekend Trip


Rotorua Rafting –

Day 1 – The sun was shining and it was time to meet everybody for our first trip of the season. With a full bus everybody was excited for the week ahead and after a quick introduction and it was time to hit the road. First stop was Matamata and gave us the opportunity to stretch the legs and buy some food. This is where the games began. For the next hour we switched seats every song with the hope of meeting everyone on the bus. This switching of seats was both loved and hated but the end result was great. Driving into Rotorua (meaning two lakes) offers the most amazing views of the lakes and is always a gorgeous drive. Until you hit the smell. The bubbling hot pools and mud baths in the area let off a gorgeous aroma of sulpha and rotten eggs. After checking into our accommodation it was time for rafting. A pickup was waiting when we arrived and we all headed out to the Kaituna River. Here we were briefed on safety, suited up, and were assigned rafts. We were away and the rapids were exhilarating and got the heart pounding. It wasn’t until we all stopped upstream to talk about the ‘speed bump’ ahead that my heart stopped. The ‘speed bump’ a seven meter waterfall lay in the way of me and the rest of my life. We all tucked in, shut our eyes, screamed our last goodbyes and we were off. The plunge was epic, in most instances the boat was fully submerged, lucky we were all wearing dry suits. Boat after boat of our rafters went through the same fears and triumphs and by the end a lot of mentally and physically exhausted people made it home for a warm soak in the pool and drinks. Pizza and more drinks were consumed before heading over to the Lava Bar where a free shot train (VODKA and Redbull) was set up for us. We all partied and drank the night away and shared our stories of the amazing Rafting Tour.

Rotorua Trip
Rotorua Trip











Day 2 – After a well deserved sleep in some worse for wear faces emerged from their beds for Breakfast and our departure to Whakarewarewa Village where we were given a guided tour of an ancient Maori village, experienced the food home cooked in their boiling mud pools and experienced the culture. A cultural show was put on for us and we were welcomed on their land, then a haka (war dance) finished the proceedings. It was truly an exciting experience. From the village we went to the Gondola and Luge (a trolley down a narrow steep track) where we arranged racing and time trials. I felt like i got about 3 foot of air as i went over one of the jumps. OGO balling was next and those that were game enough all got in their togs and rolled the OGO ball (a giant bubble in which you sit inside) down the steepest hill you can imagine. I had the chance of running everybody over when you arranged everyone to lay in its path. After a quick spa to warm up everyone was back on the bus and heading home. A lot of sleeping bodies on the bus on the way home suggested to me we had another successful Student Trip weekend in one of the adventure/adrenaline capitals of the world.



Rotorua Trip

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Saturday was a special day. We went to Waikato to see New-Zealand’s best-kept secret; the glowworm caves. We started the day with a stop at a beautiful black-sand beach. The sand on the beach was black as a result of the volcanic activity in the area and the view out to sea was amazing! The next thing planned was the glowworm caves. To get there we had to drive through a massive valley that by the looks of things very few tours had been before! We thought that the valley was never going to end. We took some great photos along the way and saw many sheep. At the end of the road was a house with a huge garden and was where the tour for the glow worm cave began. Everything about that house was organic. They had one big coffee machine were they made the coffee – and it was delicious. Truly the best coffee anyone had tasted! Also, all the food they offered was organic. They had the best cookies and who else loved the sandwich with salmon and cream cheese?! After lunch it was time to get ready to start spotting some glowworms! Some were a bit nervous, everyone had their own light and we all had no idea what was coming up. The first part was okay, we could walk normally enough…except for the fact we were knee deep in water! Then a tough part started – we had to crawl through the water on our hands and knees, which was extremely cold. It also didn’t help that someone spotted an eel earlier, and let’s not forget all the spiders that love to live in caves. We were soaking wet after the crawling part, but it was definitely worth it! We saw tons of glowworms, it was so cool to see them, especially when we turned our lights off. Everyone was holding hands and walking through the dark cave and the only light that would guide us was from the glowworms themselves.  It was so cool and weird that that was possible!

Our guide was really fun. He told us really good jokes about a woman he once did not like during the tour. He told her to crawl through a little “special” tunnel.  Turned out the tunnel was a dead end and she was all muddy by the end of the tunnel and had to turn around and go all the way back again! While Laurens thought the glowworms were really cool, he also liked the fishes and spiders. He had to give everything a name to make them his friends. I can tell, he made a lot of friends during caving! He will be busy if he has to add them all on Facebook! It was a really good day, but for most of us, the day was not over. A Dutch King Party was planned and many were going. We had an awesome night, everyone was wearing orange, there was a Dutch DJ that played both Dutch & English music and there was Dutch food. We all had tons of fun- Especially Melle, who was completely drunk and at one point even slept on a chair next to the bar… I’m wondering if he knows about that. The dutchies showed the non-dutchies how to party hard…awesome!

Best Hike

Wow! What an exciting and exhausting weekend! We got off to a relaxing start when we visited the Huka falls. Standing on the bridge that overlooked the fall we were able to see more than 220.000 litres of water racing by every second.

Off we went to something even more spectacular and a tick off the bucket list for many of us… the 47-meter Taupo bungy jump/swing of course! We’ve never heard so many people screaming in one day. However, one scream was better, higher and louder than all the others – Marlien’s scream. If you can even call it that, it was more of a howl than a scream. She sounded like an animal that had been hunted! It was so much fun even if you weren’t jumping to watch and hear everyones reactions. Then it was bungy time for Elizabeth, Liesette and Rebecca. Rebecca was the first to jump. She cried, before eventually jumping and made the other jumpers a lot more nervous as a result! Elizabeth was the only one who looked pretty cool and really enjoyed the jump. Word of advice: If you are too scared to jump, then do NOT jump. That is a lesson Liesette learned. She was in shock after her jump. She cried afterwards, could not move anymore and her whole body was shaking, but again, she gave everyone a good show.


After the jump it was time to go to our luxury hotel. We were very spoiled this weekend! The rooms were amazing, we had our own hot tub and the best part: we had an unlimited buffet dinner. The food selection was awesome; pasta Bolognese, rice with vegetables, delicious garlic bread etc. Everything we needed to prepare us for the big hike we had coming up the next day! Our bus driver advised us the best time was to go early in the morning, so we could make the most of the amazing weather and get the clearest views possible. And he was right. You could see the entire mountain range – looking perfect, beautiful and a little bit daunting!

The uphill ascent towards the start was hard work! Well… at least for most of the people. The smallest girl on the trip, Yasmine, was the one who was walking in front of everybody, while Haydon and Matt were show offs; they climbed the Mt Doom! If you think the crossing itself was hard, you should have seen Mt Doom.


The Tongariro Crossing is difficult but so, so beautiful. Every section of the climb is different with different views. First we had the never-ending stairs where just as you think you can’t possibly take another step more, you’ve arrived at the top. All the water and food you have to carry makes the hike more difficult too. I mean, Kyra and Laurens bought 700 grams of nuts! How much do you think they need during the hike?! When we finally reached the top of stairs section, a few minutes walk along the flat section and you are greeted with a superb view. We saw the big Mt Doom and all the areas they had filmed the Lord of the Rings. Then there was another climbing part – this one shorter than the last, but way more difficult. At one point we even had to get on our hands and legs so as not to fall down. Of course, everything was totally worth it when we finally reached the top. As if were weren’t already out of breath, the amazing blue crater lakes took what we had left. It was so strange that there was such a peaceful place after all those rocks, stones and stairs we had to navigate. After a relaxing walk downhill we arrived at the forest section. Everyone thought that the climbing parts were exhausting but the forest is difficult too! Your knees were beginning to hurt and your thoughts start to drift to the hot tub and buffet dinner that awaited back at the hotel. When we finally heard the bus, we felt relieved, but accomplished!

It really was a beautiful hike, a hike that is simply a must-do during their time in New Zealand. Back in the hotel we were rewarded with the hot pool and at that moment, sitting in the warm water and resting our achey muscles-  we all felt so good. Having completed the hike-  survived the hike even! – all that was required of us was to sit in the hot tub and drink. Afterwards, we were treated to yet another buffet dinner. We ended the day with a few drinks in the hotel’s bar. Some of us got slightly drunk because of the drinking game we played. Vikram in particular when he was “sitting in the boat” (he was really bad in that game). All-in-all it was an exhausting, fun and beautiful weekend! Get the first photos here, more will follow!



This weekend was the Tauranga Weekend Trip… and it was amazing. Tauranga is such a beautiful place! We started the trip with a walk through a set of very old gold mines. You really could feel the spirit of the former gold diggers, creepy! Then it was time to climb up Mt Maunganui, what an intense mountain that was! Liesette’s face was as red as a tomato when she finally reached the top of the mountain- But it was worth it, the view was amazing! We could see the large coast of Tauranga, the harbour and a lot of other things. You’d be forgiven for thinking the way down would be easier than the way up, But this time it wasn’t. The way back down the mountain was a completely different route that involved a lot of narrow pathways, climbing and rocks. Not everyone was brave enough. A small group stopped half way with the difficult track and went on the easy one. What they did not know was that they walked in the middle of a field with sheep. It was pretty funny to watch them walking through the sheep paddock. Following the hike we went to the beach. The waves at the beach were massive! We had pizza for dinner on the beach and watched a great sunset. After dinner it was time to party!

The next day started with a great breakfast of scrambled egg, spaghetti and toasted bread made by Kyra, Aleid and Liesette. Thanks for that! It was delicious. It was a good way to recover from the night because we had another day planned with a lot of activities. Our first stop was Waihi Beach, a beautiful beach known for the good surfing waves. Our next activity was a great 2-hour walk. It was a long walk but this walk had a lot of great views. There was a little waterfall, a 1.1 kilometre long tunnel and we saw even more old gold-mining trails. It really was great weekend. We took some photos during the trip. Check them out here!

Hot Water Beach

Cathedral Cove

This weekend was the Coromandel weekend trip. On our first day we went to one of the best beaches here in New Zealand: Cathedral Cove beach. To get to the beach, we had to walk approximately 40 minutes. It was a bit of a walk, but it was amazing and the view out to sea and the surrounding islands was stunning. We had such a good weather and the sea looked bluer than blue. When we got down to the beach, The Cathedral Cove was wonderful! you would not expect it to be so big, but when you go into the cave, it is huge! The beach was great as well – white sand and the ocean was crystal clear. Everyone was lying on the beach with some beers and we had a lot of fun. The waves were massive because of the cyclone Pam. It was so fun to go into the water. A lot of girls lost almost their bikini’s! There was a rock in the sea, which you could climb up. Some people were to scared to go on the rock because of the waves but some people tried. Patrick was not careful enough; he slipped and has a few scratches on his arm now (poor him).

We went to the hot water beaches after the cathedral cove and started with an awesome BBQ with burgers, sausages and salad! It really was a moment to remember. Everyone was hanging out with each other, the food was good, we had some drinks and laughed a lot. Combined with good weather,  it made the evening complete. After dinner you could try to dig a hole to experience the hot water beaches. Unfortunately, it was high tide so it was difficult to dig a hole without the water coming up and destroying it. But you could go with your feet into the sand to feel how warm it was. For some people the sand was even too hot! Sometimes it really felt like you had burned your feet.

We ended the day with a good party! We went to a local pub where a live band was performing. A lot of things happened that night, and the next day a lot of people were hangover. We made a good breakfast with scrambled eggs to make the hangover a little bit better. Afterwards we went to the Cook Islands. There was a lot of wind because of cyclone Pam. Next we went to an old fashioned winery that was nearby. We tasted a few wines and a number of fruity spirits, most of them were delicious. It was an amazing weekend; we did a lot of things and had a lot of fun! You can find the photos here.



Free Auckland Tour


What a lovely day Sunday was. We started the day with a little walk through Auckland Domain. Our crazy guide “Beans” told us a lot of interesting and funny things. It was Stephanie who was most enthusiastic – She was the only one to try the berry thingies, yuck!. Joost also tried to eat some plants. Afterwards we went to North Head Historic Reserve where we had a stunning view over the harbour and the Hauraki Gulf. At one time, this place was used by the military as a coastal defence installation, which left a network of accessible old bunkers and tunnels. The tunnels were so dark and scary, but the story behind was pretty cool! Then, we went to our BBQ spot. Before arriving there, we had a lot of  hills we had to go down. A few thought it was easy and they wanted to go down again. Unfortunately Stephanie fell down and everybody saw it – at least she could laugh about it! The BBQ later that day was very tasty! The view was amazing and we went to the beach afterwards. It was low tide so you could walk out into the sea a long way! Lars even found his own “island” that he wanted to protect! Unhappily for him, we had to go to Mount Eden. A great place where you have an incredibly wide view over Auckland. You could see so many things from there. We ended the day with a group photo and some funny stories from our tour guide. Do you want see the photos?

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